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At Chicago Tri-Fitness & Performance, we work closely with you to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

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Parisi Speed School at Tri-Fitness & Performance Chicago

If you want to train with the best youth fitness program in the nation, the Parisi Speed School at Tri-Fitness & Performance in Chicago is the place to be. Parisi has been the industry leader in youth fitness and sports performance training for 25+ years, helping more than 650,000 athletes of all ages and abilities become faster, stronger and mentally tougher. From 7-year-old athletes to 18 and beyond, the Parisi program improves athletic performance and increases confidence.


Our Mission

At Chicago Tri-Fitness & Performance, we work closely with our clients to help them achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be. We will discuss and assist you with setting specific goals based on a realistic time frame.

Next, we will develop exercise programs designed just for you, utilizing our expansive fitness center in Chicago. Our personal trainers work personally with all clients to develop the body, mind and spirit, offering a comprehensive training experience.

We have one primary goal and passion: helping you achieve the goals you have deemed critical to your personal satisfaction and success. Most importantly, we make it fun, while educating you on all aspects of fitness.

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