8 Mindset Changes for Weight Loss

By ron | May 9, 2017

If you’re looking for tips to lose weight, they’re not hard to find. There are countless books, magazines, and websites devoted to weight loss, each promising, “This is the one!” While their approaches may differ (paleo, raw food, vegan, Mediterranean, etc.), the common thread is that they address changes that should be made to your […]

21 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

By ron | January 30, 2017

The Goal Guide: 21 Tips To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals By Joel Sanders Anybody can make a New Year’s Resolution. It takes someone special to see it through. Or does it? It’s not always about will-power and determination. Certainty those help, but more important is having a plan of attack that you can implement […]

Great Article on Fitness Motivation Tips

By ron | January 25, 2017

Click on this link for a great article fitness motivation tips from Garage Gym Planner Great Article on Fitness Motivation Tips

Where the Elite Kids shouldn’t meet

By ron | December 28, 2015

Where the “Elite” kids shouldn’t meet. An article by Tim Keown on youth sports This is a great article by Tim Keown for ESPN on the current condition of youth sports travel teams. Tim KeownESPN Senior Writer Your kid is good, right? Really good? You don’t want to brag, but he can do some things […]

Playing more than one sport

By ron | October 11, 2015

Most of you know by now that I am not a fan of kids specializing in one sport at an early age. Specializing too early can result in injury, burnout, and lack of long term athletic development. This is driven mostly by parents and coaches. Well, if you look at pro athletes and in this […]

Youth Sports – Are we specializing way too soon

By ron | August 13, 2015

Youth Sports – Are we specializing way too soon As a sports performance coach and trainer, I have worked with many kids over the years. For 6 seasons I was the strength and conditioning coach for Lane Tech High School football team. I am also a Level 2 certified Youth conditioning specialist through the IYCA. […]