Playing more than one sport

Most of you know by now that I am not a fan of kids specializing in one sport at an early age. Specializing too early can result in injury, burnout, and lack of long term athletic development. This is driven mostly by parents and coaches.

Well, if you look at pro athletes and in this case pro baseball players, there was a great example of how good you can be by playing more that one sport. Just look at The Chicago Cubs.┬áThe other night for the Cubs Wild Card game, the 2 hero’s for the Cubs were Dexter Fowler and Kyle Schwarber. Both these guys were great athletes in other sports. Dexter Fowler could have gone to college on a basketball scholarship and Kyle Schwarber could have gone to college on a football scholarship. I’m quite sure these guys were not playing fall baseball or having practice in November for their summer baseball team. They were playing other sports and because they were playing other sports, it made them better as baseball players.

When you play more than one sport, you use and develop other muscle groups and have different movement skill than if you only play one sport.

So parents, take an example from the Cubs, and get your kids involved in more than one sports. Boys should start specializing at 17 years old and girls at 16 years old.

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