I began working with Ron 4 months ago and without a doubt it’s been one of the best decisions I ever made. I tried to lose weight on my own and with another trainer but I did not succeed. Ron tailored an approach to fit my needs. At first our workouts seemed a bit unusual to me as they were geared more toward development of larger muscle groups as opposed to traditional cardio workouts. Over time Ron incorporated cardio work as well. Ron also provides nutritional / dietary guidelines. The combination of these approaches increased my metabolic rate and turned the tide for me. I have lost 6 inches off my waist and the results have greatly exceeded my expectations. I am more motivated now than ever as I’ve learned how to improve my health and appearance without having to starve myself. Ron was fun and supportive every step of the way and the workouts are held in a private facility. He cracked the code I have been struggling with for years.
Jack Stump
Not only does Ron at Tri-Fitness work with achieving my fitness goals-he also can work on sports-specific goals. Last winter I had to get ready for a ski trip. For six weeks, Ron changed my workout to fit the sport of skiing. Not only did my skiing improve, but for the first tie ever, my legs did not fatigue like they use to. My core strength was unbelievable do to the conditioning program he put me through. What a great ski experience!
June Harvey
Ron is top notch. After baseball last summer my son (13) told me he felt “slow”. We both knew this was mostly true – he was among the slowest on the team. We asked around of friends here in Chicago for youth fitness trainers and were referred to Ron. The rest was easy – he’s a great guy, he knows his stuff and he’s amazing with kids.

After a few months with Ron, my son is now among the 3 fastest kids on the team in the exact areas that it counts – catching fly balls and sprinting the bases. It’s not only his speed that’s improved, his overall strength is off the charts compared to where he was.

Steve Krull
I’ve worked out with other trainers, but Ron is by far the absolute best. He combines an understanding of how your body mechanics work from his years of experience, education & life as former NCAA athlete. He incorporates into your body and mind transformation an amazing mix of exercises that will challenge you and motivate you at the same time. You have such a respect and belief in him that you allow yourself to try exercises and push yourself to a level that you have not before and would never do on your own. And he is a blast to workout with. To date I have lost 16 pounds in just over 2 months. I feel fantastic and look even better! I am also running with an ease that I have not had in years and completely pain free-I’m ready for my next marathon!
Mark J.
Ron’s style of training is the best I have experienced and I’ve use a lot of different trainers. I really enjoy his workouts. He concentrates on core training and functional training and movement basic in everyday life. My weight is under control, my flex
Lewis Sutton
I have been working with Ron for 9 years now and I continue to experience new challenges every month. When I started working with Ron I had not worked out in any consistent manner for many years. Ron started at my level of conditioning and I rapidly saw positive and long term results. As I am somewhat older, I was impressed that Ron listens to me and takes into account physical issues in structuring my workouts. Ron does not have a “formula” workout. Each day is different, but he has an comprehensive plan to increase my overall conditioning, core strength and balance. He even sneaks in a few exercises in the spring to help my golf game. I have seen Ron train older people, younger kids, men and women and it is clear that each workout is tailored to the individual. I unequivocally recommend Ron to everyone.
Bruce Boruszak